To hire a ghostblogger or not – what we are – what we are not

Posted on February 28, 2011



Ghostblogger we are. Carpetbaggers we are not. There is nothing wrong with hiring a blogging and social media agency to help you with starting your social media and business blogging campaign. There are many advantages to doing. Most important is cost. It costs you much less to hire a ghostblogger than for you to commit an employee salary, benefits and the headaches that come with having more employees to manage. Which leads me to the this article:

OK, so Beth Harte has me thinking because of her “Top 25 Ways to Tell if Your Social Media Expert is a Carpetbagger“.

On Beth’s blog, she posts: “7. Will ghostwrite blog posts and other social content for you.” as an indicator that your social media expert may be a carpetbagger.

At first, I was offended. After stepping back and reading it again, Beth is right. If your social media consultant is being paid to advise you and tells you to have them ghost write your blog, the consultant is a douchebag (with apologies to douchebags).

See, a consultant has a responsibility to disclose conflicts of interest or to avoid them. If that consultant doesn’t than “carpetbagger” is a nice way to describe them. “Snake in the grass” may fit better. You see, there’s no integrity in being paid as an impartial advisor, only to turn advise buying services from your own company. Your client wanted an advisor, not a salesman.

Which leads me to a little clarification about our company – Professional Blog Service:

We are not social media consultants. We are not social media experts for hire who will analyze all kinds of problems and provide impartial advice. We’re downright biased. If you want impartial advice, talk to a non-carpetbagger consultant (there’s maybe 10 in existence).

If you want a blog and social media program and don’t have the time, skill set or just have terminal writer’s block, we are a good fit. We do the work so you don’t have to. You inspire, we perspire. We do the grunt work so you can get the glory.

We happen to believe in business blogging, we believe in social media, and are very, very good at it. Some people might even call us experts. But the truth is we would simply love to have more happy customers that use our service.

Paul is the President of Professional Blog Service. PBS works with clients making strategic investments into business blogging, social media and search engine optimization.