8 Business Blogging Tips

Posted on June 16, 2011


8 Business Blogging tips to power your social media campaign

Blog writing is a big challenge for all of us. Who has time? To help make it effective for you. Here are some tips for making your business blogging work for you.

Great Headlines are Half the Battle

Your blog’s headlines are critical because they are often the only guidance that a reader has on if they want to read your article or not. The more exciting, controversial, outrageous or funny your headline is, the more clicks you will get.

Blog Often

Probably the biggest secret to having a successful business blog is to blog often. At least two times per week. We’ve found our client’s subscribers grow two times as fast if they blog regularly versus having an erratic publishing schedule.

Comment on Other’s Blogs

If you do so, you will quickly find yourself getting links from other bloggers.  You’ll also see your rank in Google go up and more traffic to your posts.  Why?  Because blogging is a big conversation, and the more you engage in the big conversation, the more people will want to talk to you.

Paul is the President of Professional Blog Service. PBS works with clients making strategic investments into business blogging, social media and search engine optimization.

Publish Glossary Posts

Sometimes the best posts are simple definition lists with a brief introduction. Glossary posts become popular because people bookmark them and send them to friends. If you want thought leadership, control the language.

Use the Golden Ratio

Many business bloggers post too much personal material in their blogs. There’s a ratio you should use (we call it the Golden Ratio): one in five articles should be distinctly personal.  Others never put anything personal in. We’ve learned that about one in five posts should be personal to ensure your blog is authentic and interesting to readers. That doesn’t mean you don’t talk business, but it’s okay to occasionally go off topic and talk about causes that matter, people and fun.

Have Fun

Don’t starch and press your blog posts. Relax, and don’t be afraid of the word you.  Talk directly to your audience and remember, people don’t expect a blog to be written like a newspaper or corporate marketing post.

Don’t Silence Critics

Ok, so you get a few negative comments. Do NOT CENSOR THEM. There is this thing called the Streisand Effect which will get you about 1000x more bad press than you ever would have got in good press. Your best bet is to engage those comments in discussion. If the issue is one of customer service, then resolve the issue in public. There’s nothing like a discussion that reads like a story out of “Heartwarming Stories of Customer Service Success” on your own blog.

Occasionally Write Top 10 Lists

There’s no better way to get other bloggers to link to you than a good top 10 list. It’s also a great way get a new article that is based on 10 of your old articles, or you can link to 10 other bloggers and get 10 times the love from other bloggers.

Don’t be Arrogant

Let others talk about the yacht, Ferarri, your cool night life, and the new building. Unless you want to make a top 10 list… of Douche Bags