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8 Business Blogging Tips

June 16, 2011


8 Business Blogging tips to power your social media campaign Blog writing is a big challenge for all of us. Who has time? To help make it effective for you. Here are some tips for making your business blogging work for you. Great Headlines are Half the Battle Your blog’s headlines are critical because they […]

If you are writing a business blog, stay focused on your business

May 26, 2011


Business blogging needs to be about what your reader needs Being a thought leader requires focus, business blogging is used to share with others your expertise. In business blogging, you are writing for 2 audiences. One is for the search engines and the other is for the reader. If the topics you write about are all […]

Top mistakes made in business blogging

April 19, 2011


Business Blogging and B2B Social Media Blogging for business is not a marketing exercise. Blogging for business is a conversation exercise. Yes, you can talk about what it is you do with readers. It has to be done in the form of a conversation. Before you rush into business blogging there’s something you should know: […]

To hire a ghostblogger or not – what we are – what we are not

February 28, 2011


Ghostblogger we are. Carpetbaggers we are not. There is nothing wrong with hiring a blogging and social media agency to help you with starting your social media and business blogging campaign. There are many advantages to doing. Most important is cost. It costs you much less to hire a ghostblogger than for you to commit […]

12 Business Blog Essentials

February 15, 2011


There are about a million items a business blog could have, but the essentials make up a short list. Some essentials relate to blog structure, others relate to the message you provide on key pages. Get the following 12 essentials right and your business blogging will get serious results. Also, be sure to check out the bonus at the bottom of the list.

Fresh Hot Content for Search Engine Optmization

February 4, 2011


Background Info: I have been in the search engine optimization business for over seven years. More Background Info: I just left SEO land for good.  There is a better way. First, I can tell you what isn’t working: traditional Search Engine Optimization. I could make up a lot of really impressive, buzzword rich, techno-spam to […]