If you are writing a business blog, stay focused on your business

May 26, 2011


Business blogging needs to be about what your reader needs Being a thought leader requires focus, business blogging is used to share with others your expertise. In business blogging, you are writing for 2 audiences. One is for the search engines and the other is for the reader. If the topics you write about are all […]

Social media campaigns and charitable giving

April 29, 2011


Ever think of charity as a means to run a social media campaign? SocialVibe allows companies to be charitable by using a social media campaign to get word. It can combine using Twitter and a Business Blog for spreading the word about your favorite charity. At the same time, giving you positive brand exposure. A couple […]

Top mistakes made in business blogging

April 19, 2011


Business Blogging and B2B Social Media Blogging for business is not a marketing exercise. Blogging for business is a conversation exercise. Yes, you can talk about what it is you do with readers. It has to be done in the form of a conversation. Before you rush into business blogging there’s something you should know: […]

4 Things to Consider about Buying Traffice for Business Blog

March 18, 2011


Should you buy traffic for your business blog? Business blogging is a tricky business. You can’t really promote like a traditional marketing page. Your business blog needs to generate conversation. So, what about buying the traffic? Well let’s discuss this? A couple of years ago, the promoters behind the award-winning film Prince Among Slaves tried […]

Bog writing isn’t successful if there is no content

March 6, 2011


Blog writing is an important ingredient to any B2B Social Media Campaign Blog writing can be hard. Not for creativity, but for time. See, it takes some discipline to consistently feed your blog writing. But it is the most important thing you can do to to feed your B2B social media campaign. Why? Well, let’s […]